Custom SEO Real Estate Website

Our Custom SEO Architected Real Estate Websites

What makes our custom SEO architected real estate websites unique from our competition? Take a look at the key components that go into your custom real estate website:
Structured Data

Do you know, according to well known SEO experts, that nearly 80% of the websites today do not have structured data?  Did you know that Google doesn't like an unstructured website?

SEO Images and Video

An area often overlooked by website developers are images and video.  We know the SEO techniques to apply to images and video for better search engine rankings.

Clean Code

We build WordPress custom real estate websites using code and themes that are well known for having clean code.  By having clean code, your website will operate better and Google will also notice.

SEO Architecture

All of our custom real estate websites are architected on a SEO foundation.  With over 15 years SEO experience in the real estate industry, you benefit from this experience and knowledge.  The SEO experience we provide to you for your custom website is the same we apply to our own real estate websites.


All our custom real estate WordPress websites include security code to better protect your website.  While nothing is 100% fool proof, the more obstacles we can place in front of those who want to do your website harm the better.  We also provide methods to backup and restore your website should it get compromised.

IDX Integration

We have extensive experience with IDX vendors and only a few have good SEO capabilities.  Your custom SEO architected real estate website will utilize one of these IDX vendors.

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