Innovative Real Estate Marketing and Sale Solutions

Advanced Real Estate Coaching, SEO, Websites and Software

Who Are Our Clients?

  • Small to Major Brokerages Across the USA and Canada.
  • Agents and Brokers Seeking To Utilize Their Real Estate Websites and Mobile Apps to Competitive Advantage
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers Extending the Power of Diverse Solutions WordPress IDX Pro (formerly dsIDXPress) for SEO


  • 15 Years SEO Experience in Real Estate Industry
  • Licensed, Active Real Estate  Broker Applying These Techniques to His Own Live Brokerage Websites
  • Management Consulting and International IT Background


  • Members of Several Major SEO International Organizations
  • Member of a Global Prestigious Private SEO Mastermind Group
  • Attend Major Closed Door SEO Conferences to Exchange Latest Trends and Keep Our Education Current
  • We Utilize the Major SEO Tools in Our Industry

Here's Why It's Awesome

  • AI Real Estate Software (under development)

    AI will have a significant impact on the Real Estate sector and Talega Systems is already in development for our next generation of real estate software known as TalegaAI.

  • Innovative IDX Real Estate Websites

    We offer several IDX real estate website solutions from basic to platinum

  • Neighborhood Level Statistics

    Several statistics will show for Homes and High Rise condos at the Neighborhood level

  • Advanced CRM Automated Email Drip Campaigns

    An advanced CRM that has various email drip campaigns from simple to advanced

  • Coaching for Success Services

    Coaching for Success is a Series of Coaching Sessions to help your business be more successful

  • Virtual Assistant Services

    Real estate transaction workflow is complex and very date driven. We understand your world as we are licensed agents too that manage this service.

  • Powerful CRM for Lead Management & Marketing Automation

    The CRM has prospect tracking, lead management and a complete marketing automation system

  • Unique Street Alert & High Rise Tower Maps

    Your competition wishes they had features to impress prospective sellers with it.

  • Easy Creation and Management of Website Content

    Our website solution is designed for you to be able to add your own content rather than pay outside vendors.

  • Social Media Marketing Services and Strategies

    Generating leads requires a comprehensive and proven social media marketing strategy. 

  • ISA Services For Expired an FSBO Lead Generation

    No time to call Expireds and FSBO's?  We can and we speak the real estate language.

  • SMS Lead ALert

    SMS text lead alerts with include the targeted property link

  • Clever Lead Registration System Prospects Like

    Clever, not in your face lead registration which you control its settings

  • Automated Video Email Response for Prospects

    Take the cold internet and make it warm with video email responses via our powerful CRM

  • Website Hosting Services Configured For Talega Systems Client Websites

    Website hosting is far more complex than you can imagine.  The wrong setup will cost you business!

  • What Is My Home Worth landing Page

    Home worth prospect landing page for generating leads

Build Stunning Pages With Talega Systems Themes and Custom Websites Powered by IDXSEO

Luxury Realty Group Home Page
LRG New Home Page
Home Las Vegas Home Page

* The integrated software plugins delivered with each IDXSEO Plan are a mix of free and pro versions. Depending on the plan selected, you will need to acquire the pro licensed versions which generally are a reasonable cost.  Talega Systems LLC may have discounts available for selected software pro level plugins.

Customize your IDXSEO solution to match your site and reflect your style. More themes coming...

IDXSEO is our first generation of real estate IDX and SEO software for real estate websites. The next generation name will be announced very soon.

More than One way to Search for Homes
Improve your visitor search experience
Simple and Effective Search

Talega Systems Helps You Succeed

Powerful Integrated Sales And Marketing Solution

Talega Systems is focused on YOUR success!! Each of our services is designed to understand your requirements and together we define your website, sales and marketing requirements. We have Real Estate residential sales experience for over 15 years coupled with a strong IT/SEO & Management Consulting background.  We know your business!!

Website Hosting

$ 199 / month
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • We Use Dedicated Servers
  • Only Real Estate Websites Are Hosted
  • Configured for Optimal Performance

Website Development

$ Based On Plan - Call for Price Quote
  • One Time Development Fee + Setup Fee
  • Beautiful WordPress Theme Choices Per Plan Cateogy
  • You Own Your Own Website & Domain Tested for IDXSEO Compatibilty
  • You Are in Control of Future Website Changes and Additions

SEO Services

$ 499 to $3,000 Depending on Number of Pages and Services / month
  • SEO Competition Report
  • Progress Tracking Report
  • Keyword Ranking Analysis
  • SEO Consulting for Ranking

Lead Generation IDX Websites You Can Manage

With Talega Systems, You're In Control of Your Content, Changes and Enhancements.

Break The Chain Where You're Forced To Pay Your Website Vendor For Every Change and You Don't Own Your Website.

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